Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Laundry Room (Before and After)

Okay, so after much paint,...TA DA! ...I present, our new and funky laundry room!


Elizabeth said...

Tanner--that's amazing. It looks like you painted every surface--maybe except for the light fixture. Whew! How long did it take?

tanner25 said...

a while...many nap times were spend in this area...and I painted the light fixture white...I know, It might be a fire hazard :) j/k

Shay said...

I love how brave you are!! And that you have time to actually do these things! If I had any guts, my house would be funky, too!! I WOULD LIVE FOREVER IN THIS LAUNDRY ROOM!! Of course, I would have to find some other place to do laundry, because NO ONE would be allowed to bring dirty clothes to THIS room!! :D