Friday, December 12, 2014


I wanted to do the #GotArt challenge by and what a privilege to share with you the art I have in my home.  Their link is
  Many of the pieces are my own, like the below foyer of my home with my large whimsical buildings of downtown Hot Springs,AR.  I love our town and I want that to show when someone enters my home.  Also below is a vintage platter with chalk art in the middle and a whimsical vintage car.
The art I cherish most is the artwork created by the six small artists that live under my roof.

I also love placing scripture art almost anywhere I can think of to help remind me of what is truly important!
This portrait of my grandparents is the most precious material possession I own.  I adore it.  It was commissioned by by uncle from artist Jane Garrison.
The painting above our bed I love because of the mystery of the storm it portrays.  It was my husband's grandmother's.

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